4 Ways Video Learning Can Boost Sales Team’s Performance

sales performance

In today’s highly competitive, digital world, sales teams need to be on top of their game to thrive and survive. They need to access information quickly and concisely to make decisions confidently and efficiently.

In the largest study of video engagement in terms of scale, researchers analysed 6.9 million video-watching sessions. They concluded that videos that were less than three minutes long showed the highest engagement, with 75% of viewing sessions lasting three-fourths of the video length. Short, single-concept learning increases knowledge retention because your salespeople focus their attention on mastering one skill at a time.

Read on for 4 ways your sales team can benefit from incorporating video training into your company’s training program.

Short video learning makes onboarding easier for new hires

When you’re onboarding new hires into your sales team, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm them with information. You can break your onboarding training into bite-sized chunks with short video learning. These videos could easily be created by those employees already in the department. This way, you are building knowledge to be used immediately and helping to build g team spirit. These smaller, easily digestible videos are much easier to search for at a later stage.

Short product training videos increase sales effectiveness

Product training is a vital part of most sales teams’ daily activities. When a salesperson is out in the field, there are many instances where they need to revisit key information provided in the office. However, if your sales team is being trained using long-form content, it can be difficult for them to recall the information when applying it in the field. Short video learning makes it easy for them to search and review training.

Short video training ensures employees are using the most effective sales tools

One of the best ways to ensure that your sales team is utilising the best sales tools is to use short video learning. This is because video content is inherently visual. The three keys to learning and the brain are repetition, recall and reinforcement. Let’s say you have a new CRM the sales team is using. You have taken them through a long session on how to use it, but in the field, they have forgotten how to log in and use it. They quickly search for the 3-minute video to refresh their memory.  This process reinforces memories. The more they do this the more key information moves to long-term memory.

Short video learning can help your people learn from the best performers

One of the best ways to upskill your average and low performers is to get your best sales performers to shoot short videos on how they sell, interview, question, make cold calls, write emails, and use LinkedIn to prospect. Humans learn best when they watch someone perform a skill. The more they watch and learn, the stronger the neuron pathway becomes.

Final Thought: Bottom line

No matter what business you’re in, sales are crucial to success. And one of the best ways to ensure that your sales team is successful is by integrating short peer-to-peer video learning into their training programs.

This will allow your sales team to learn at their own pace, review the information as often as they need to, and apply what they’ve learned in a way that makes sense.

By incorporating short video training, team performance can be boosted by up to 25%.

Help your teams reach their goals by providing training in the flow of work.