Fyrrr for Education

Educate and share knowledge

Keep teams learning from each other and save time, money, and reduce errors.


Make Onboarding a Breeze

Deliver a structured and personalised onboarding experience by welcoming new hires with hundreds of personalised videos made by your experienced workforce.

Education Use Case

Compliance Training

By watching scenario-based videos, you’ll easily apply what you learned to make decisions that matter in the real world

Knowledge Sharing

Product Knowledge

Develop your product knowledge video library to show others how to perform a task or quickly illustrate a concept that is hard to understand. 

Policy and Procedures

Introduce Policies

Make policies and procedures easy to remember and apply by using highly targeted videos to bring these topics to life. 


Company Culture

Use short, engaging, entertaining videos to share progressive company values, cultivate a culture of learning, and build an inclusive workplace.

Watch your library of customised video training grow