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Fyrrr is a cloud-based platform that creates a space for seamless knowledge sharing in your organisation.



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What is Fyrrr

What is Fyrrr?

Fyrrr is an easy-to-use platform for collaborative learning. Create training videos faster than ever using your mobile device.

With quick, bite-sized training videos, you’ll unlock new skill levels while gaining real-world knowledge from your trusted colleagues. 

Innovative features make creating and sharing training feel effortless. Learning together has never been easier.

Fyrrr Learn at Hyper speed


Learn at Hyperspeed

Training videos are no longer than 3 minutes on Fyrrr because we learn best by watching video-based short segments. 

Fyrrr Scale


Build Quickly, Scale Effortlessly

All the tools you need to develop and deploy training are in the palm of your hand. Shoot, edit, and upload from one place and share your expertise in an instant.

Fyrrr Scale
Fyrrr share the love


Share the Love

Use familiar tools to let people know you value their expertise. It’s easy to Like, Comment and Share so you can learn in the flow of work.

Fyrrr Learn together


Learn Together

Communities are the rocket fuel for building connections in the workplace, enabling profound learning experiences.

Join a room to ask questions and receive answers from people who have been there before you. 

Fyrrr Learn together


It’s All About You

Let Fyrrr know what you are interested in, and we’ll connect you with relevant training videos. 

Short spurts of knowledge that are just enough for your current task, seamlessly integrated into the app, helping you learn in the flow of work.


What You Need, When You Need it

The key to solving a problem or learning a new skill is quickly getting to the most relevant content that’s straight to the point.

Our advanced yet easy-to-use search engine makes finding specific videos quicker so you can get on with the job at hand.

Fyrrr administration


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Manage your video content from an easy-to-navigate dashboard without worrying about complicated workflows. 

Run reports and with our tools, you can even approve videos before publishing them. 


Easy to use, no tech skills required

Use all the tools you are already familiar with to share your knowledge and experience

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Use your mobile device to record your video to share.

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