Our goal is to:

Bringing video training to the business world. Now you can capture, share and demo knowledge with ease.


About Us

We are Fyrrr. Our purpose is to spread the power of knowledge sharing. 

We’re passionate, hardworking, dedicated, and inspired individuals who rise each day eager to take action toward fulfilling our mission of improving people’s lives through social connection and technology. 

We’re creating a platform to transform how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire others to act. By doing so, people achieve their full human potential, companies prosper, communities thrive, and the world becomes a better place.  

Fyrrr Team About Us


To enrich people’s lives with knowledge through the power of social connection and technology.



To lead the digital revolution movement by reinventing how people learn and share knowledge.


To provide a space where people can access knowledge from others so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Our name says it all

We take our name directly from the latest discoveries in the neuroscience of learning. 

Fyrrr (pronounced: Fire {fai·uh}) has been designed from the ground up with three key learning concepts in mind. Repetition, Recall and Reinforcement activities are built into the platform ensuring new knowledge is not forgotten. The result is you learn faster, and the experience is fun and engaging. 

Our team of education specialists, software engineers and neuroscientists have created the platform to meet the needs of all generations in the workplace.



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